Some stuff about me/ what I sew

Hello world! I’m still working on a reliable way to take pictures of stuff I’ve made, so for now, here are some facts about me:

1. I started sewing in high school because I wanted to make my own costumes for the Renaissance Fair. Then, when I discovered knits a few years ago, I promptly switched to sewing mostly t-shirts and knit maxi skirts. To date, I’ve only sewn one garment with a zipper…

2. I about 90% a cake sewist rather than a frosting sewist. I really, really love making basics that I will wear all of the time. I’ve spent most of my sewing time in the last year or so on The Quest for the Perfect T-Shirt.

3. I sew with organic fabrics almost exclusively, for ethical reasons that I will probably talk about in a future post. After doing this for almost 4 years, I’ve found that having limited fabric options actually makes it easier for me to hone in on stuff that I’ll really wear. I’m easily distracted when I have too many choices 🙂

4. Relatedly, I think a lot about (for lack of a better term) the politics of clothing, both w/r/t the ethics of production and as it relates to gender and feminism. So I might talk about that stuff some on here.

5. In my “real” life, I am working on my PhD in history. I’m in the very early stages of my dissertation, so it’s still pretty loosely defined, but in a nutshell it’s going to be about the problem of embodiment as it relates to worship in early modern English Protestantism.

6. I also write fiction, specifically YA fantasy. I talk about that on my writing blog

7. Here is a (very bad) picture of a cardigan I made (hacked from the Renfrew pattern): Photo on 2014-02-21 at 12.03

That’s all for now! I’ve been lurking the online sewing community for a long time, so I’m really excited to become a more active participant!


“But in Narnia your good clothes were never your uncomfortable ones. They knew how to make things that felt beautiful as well as looking beautiful in Narnia: and there was no such thing as starch or flannel or elastic to be found from one end of the country to the other.”

C.S. Lewis, The Last Battle

This is a pretty good description of my sewing philosophy. I disagree with him about flannel and elastic, though. I’m sure both of those things were very different in the ’50’s when he was writing :).