Hello world! I’m still working on a reliable way to take pictures of stuff I’ve made, so for now, here are some facts about me:

1. I started sewing in high school because I wanted to make my own costumes for the Renaissance Fair. Then, when I discovered knits a few years ago, I promptly switched to sewing mostly t-shirts and knit maxi skirts. To date, I’ve only sewn one garment with a zipper…

2. I about 90% a cake sewist rather than a frosting sewist. I really, really love making basics that I will wear all of the time. I’ve spent most of my sewing time in the last year or so on The Quest for the Perfect T-Shirt.

3. I sew with organic fabrics almost exclusively, for ethical reasons that I will probably talk about in a future post. After doing this for almost 4 years, I’ve found that having limited fabric options actually makes it easier for me to hone in on stuff that I’ll really wear. I’m easily distracted when I have too many choices 🙂

4. Relatedly, I think a lot about (for lack of a better term) the politics of clothing, both w/r/t the ethics of production and as it relates to gender and feminism. So I might talk about that stuff some on here.

5. In my “real” life, I am working on my PhD in history. I’m in the very early stages of my dissertation, so it’s still pretty loosely defined, but in a nutshell it’s going to be about the problem of embodiment as it relates to worship in early modern English Protestantism.

6. I also write fiction, specifically YA fantasy. I talk about that on my writing blog

7. Here is a (very bad) picture of a cardigan I made (hacked from the Renfrew pattern): Photo on 2014-02-21 at 12.03

That’s all for now! I’ve been lurking the online sewing community for a long time, so I’m really excited to become a more active participant!


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